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Advanced Line Switches

Localised data management in the IoT

Industrial Ethernet allows for the simple connection to control levels while also ensuring good communication between localised field devices and the control system. With its new managed switches in the Advanced Line, Weidmüller is providing a infrastructure with high levels of availability, reliability and transparency.


New module for designing rope sheave...

Calculation of specific bearing loads

In order to fulfill customers‘ ever-increasing demands, Schaeffler is continuously updating and expanding its long-established Bearinx rolling bearing calculation program. In addition to products with optimized friction and performance characteristics, modern calculation and simulation tools play a key role in increasing the efficiency of rolling bearings.


Chain hoist travel drives

For a more convenient travel

Demag presents the E22-C travel drive for long and cross-travel motions. Key feature is the control and detection of the motor speed via a separate rotary encoder. Improved operation thanks to even more precise travel characteristics are features offered by the new Demag E22-C travel drive, which is used for DC chain hoists running on I-beam girders and for the KBK light crane system. 


2D laser scanner R2000

There is no Escape

Using the 2D laser scanner, the R2000 can detect protruding objects close to the surface, and it even can detect moving objects thanks to the high scan rate. When hung upside down, millimeters from the ground, the scanner has no problems detecting the tiniest of deviations. Its 360° all-round view means nothing escapes the R2000.


Labelling and identification technology

More bottom line payoff

RFID implementation done right results in real-life, bottom-line value. Sato, global leader in barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions, explains how companies investing in RFID tagging of their products can maximise the benefits of its capability to drive business process improvement, increase supply chain efficiency and ultimately improve bottom line results.


IP International

For individual Weight-Watching

Siemens Industry Automation Division is launching a versatile weighing module for the Simatic S7-1200. Siwarex WP231 is the first weighing module for this control and suitable for monitoring filling levels in silos and bins and for use with goods being weighed on platform scales.


IP International

Make the job easy!

Investing in ergonomics pays off.

A company‘s competitiveness, productivity and efficiency are not only affected by current market requirements but are also influenced by the effects of demographic change.

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